Effects of Lightning Strike to Your Tree

There are trees that can live for many more years after being hit by lightning. However, bark and splits removal could cause your tree to be prone to other risks. Once you’ve spent some time on making your landscape as perfect as possible, storms can possibly make you terrified. Rain causes plenty of damage to the landscaping features that are well-planned and lighting could result in extreme damage. Lighting does not hit twice, however, one hit to a particular tree is already enough to cause damages that cannot be seen at first. A tree does not need to be split in half all the time. There are times when the impact could be more than that. If the storm season’s incoming, you must know what lightning could do to your tree. 


Facts about lightning 

We are all aware that lightning is what results in thunder and we know that it is a kind of electricity. That weird feeling you have once you walk out of your home on a cloudy. Cloudy and muggy summer day perhaps prompts you of a similar energy crackle. This happens since thunderstorms happen once the cloud’s ice particles collide and make electrical energy. The Earth will be struck by lightning once those electrical particles will connect with the ground particles. It’s bright, hot, and fast. Hence, if you have ever observed a lightning bolt hit near you, it may have eaten your whole vision. This great energy should be respected 

How could lightning harm your tree? 

Once trees get hit by lighting, they could get a different range of damages. Others might explode because of the lightning that overheats the tree’s moisture. Some might catch on fire—an issue that can possibly spread all over your landscaping area, or they could be split in half. Any such issues are considered to be a major problem. As soon as lightning struck your tree, it does not need to be of immediate doom. Other trees that were struck by lightning can actually live for plenty of years. However, bark and split removals can make the affected tree to be prone to some risks. Such a risk could include rot, decay, and disease.  

How could you safeguard your tree from damage caused by lightning? 

Just think about this, a well-maintained tree can usually survive the aftereffects of lightning, which are mostly harmful. Maintaining your plant would involve mulching it, watering your tree, and making sure that there’s sufficient sunlight that reaches its leaves. Moreover, you can research about attaching a tree using a copper cable to help it be grounded. This can deliver some of the electricity towards the ground. Within a few days, you will be able to see whether your tree has survived the lightning strike. Otherwise, it’ll begin to wilt. 

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